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What We Do

Modeled as an Urban Living Lab, BCC is a facilitator of a collaborative and experimental space, for diverse stakeholders to co-create and share knowledge and solutions. We provide businesses, leaders, and changemakers with a platform to collaborate, experiment, innovate, and showcase. Equally, we are a space where consumers can access knowledge, solutions, services, and community, all under one roof.


BCC is a platform for artists to develop their craft, collaborate, and showcase their work

We curate art for residential and commercial projects

We upcycle art and furniture and offer bespoke gifting solutions along with original artwork and installations from our resident artists

Street Art

Our farm to table cafe offers delicious food that is also highly nutritious and sustainable

At our hydroponics, aquaponics and permaculture zones, we demonstrate sustainable urban farming methods

Urban Gardening

We conduct events and workshops related to art, science, and sustainability

We have flexible event spaces available for rent

Our sound room crafted by artists can be used by musicians and podcasters to record content


Our store is a one stop shop for urban gardening, sustainable products, and art

Empty Store

We are a museum for creating awareness on subjects of air, water, food, energy, waste, mobility, construction, well-being, and ecology

We demonstrate sustainable solutions including waste management, renewable energy, rain water harvesting, urban construction and offer a full array of related products and services at our store

Energy Efficiency Consultation

We are an incubator for ideas and solutions related to sustainability and climate change

We provide mentorship and access to seed capital to social entrepreneurs


"No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein

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