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Our next curation is of thrifts from Bangalore (presented in no particular order). Thrifting is the obvious choice to move to a green-er lifestyle. We all know the amount of energy and water consumed in creating new clothes, accessories, household goods etc. If you'd like to reduce your carbon footprint and live a more conscious life, start by buying pre-owned products.

In one’s attempt to reduce waste and not let more material go to the landfill, and to score high quality products at accessible prices, clubbed with the joys of this treasure-hunt like experience, one can enjoy guilt-free shopping at these thrifts. Here are some of our favourites:


The Dog Pile Thrift is an online thrift store that sells clothing, shoes, accessories, and more! We’re looking to responsibly declutter our wardrobes (and yours!) and also raise funds to help street animals. All our profits go towards covering rescue-related medical bills from independent rescuers, NGOs, and occasionally even our own rescues.

BCC Tip: They also sell books, accessories and other cool stuff, at times. Watch their Instagram page for updates.



Re-store is a charitable and affordable thrift store. We provide a platform to share cherished possessions that gave someone joy for years but are now set to spread that joy to other people.

The one-of-a-kind idea of the store has also helped spread awareness around the value of pre-loved clothing, harms of fast fashion and the importance of sustainable fashion and living.

BCC Tip: Not so much of a tip, but their policy of "only donate what you'd want to buy", help with quality goods, yet low prices!



Whitefield, Bangalore


Wheedle is an online shopping platform with a curated selection of pre-loved (second hand and/or unboxed) baby & kids’ products. From clothes, to toys, to furniture, to strollers, they have it all. Items used by children often (if not always), used only for a short span of time, making this one of the most useful offerings for any parent in Bangalore.

BCC Tip: One can sell their used products on this platform too - Wheedle does the quality check and takes care of the sanitising and hygiene too.

Contact no:

+91 8660142021



EcoDhaga is India's first closed-loop fashion brand that focuses on giving a new life to fashion waste created by consumers. Not only do they thrift, but also recycle, donate, and upcycle fabric received from individuals. They hope to elongate the lifespan of garments, reduce demand for new and aid in building a sustainable wardrobe!

BCC Tip: Look out for our quarterly collection drive announcements and book a slot to avail of the door-step collection facility.

Contact no:

+91 86186 42657




The Preloved Co is a not for profit that sells pre-loved clothes and accessories, at accessible prices, to raise money for various charities in the city. The popup at various flea markets, and events. The also collect your used clothes and accessories regularly. Not being tied down to a space, they are willing to come for a popup be it in your office, residential community space or private events!

BCC Tip: Make sure you get styling tips from the very cool Meghana, of Levitate fame

Contact no:

+91 98453 17776



Located in the same place as their collection centre (Wasted 360), they showcase sustainable products from homegrown eco-businesses and entrepreneurs plus a wide range of preloved fashion, footwear, accessories, books, decor, utility and much more! All preloved items are sourced through their waste management activities and are lovingly curated for you to enjoy.

BCC Tip: Be inspired by speaking to Mrudula at the Bangalore store, for tips on zero-waste-living!

Contact no:

+91 9376776795



Indiranagar, Bangalore (Also located in Chennai)

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