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The Space

Bangalore Creative Circus is housed in a 20,000 sqft warehouse in Yeshwanthpur Industrial Area, within walking distance of three metro stations and Orion mall. Formerly used as a steel factory, a labour housing facility, and a tiles stockyard, the warehouse has been transformed into a living lab. Having officially opened to the public in Oct, 2021, the space also functions as an experience centre, a community arts hub, and an events and workshops space. 


The experience centre consists of a farm to table restaurant called The Circus Canteen, a museum, a garden store, and demonstrations of solutions ranging from urban farming (permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, mushroom cultivation), ecological building (recycled materials, mud building, passive lighting and cooling), waste management (segregation, compost, biogas), rain water harvesting, upcycled art and decor, etc. 


The community arts hub consisting of a makerspace, a sound room, an art gallery, and an artist residency, is a space for all kinds of artists to create, collaborate, and showcase. Additionally, BCC is a space for community building through events, cultural performances, workshops, volunteering opportunities, and coworking. 

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Our Interventions

Here are some earth and people friendly interventions at the space -


  • Maximum use of salvaged and recycled material for building and interiors

  • Passive solar design to maximise natural lighting

  • Passive cooling design using cross ventilation, indoor plants, whirlybirds, and reflective roof paint

  • Complete roof top rainwater harvesting system with a holding capacity of 1L ltrs

  • Groundwater recharge with excess rain water

  • Composting of all wet waste, and segregation of all dry waste

  • Eco-friendly soaps, and cleaners for floors, toilets, dishes, etc

  • Wheelchair friendly access and toilets

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” - St. Francis Of Assisi

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