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Modeled as an Urban Living Lab, BCC is a platform where businesses, leaders, and changemakers can collaborate, design, experiment, innovate, and showcase. Equally, BCC is a space where consumers can find access to knowledge, solutions, services, and community, all under one roof. 


The goal is to enable holistic positive impact across systems of - Food, Water, Energy, Waste, Building, Mobility, Finance, Trade, Tourism, Events, Art & Design, Technology, Youth, Justice, Health, and Wellness

Engage With Us


Visit our space - It is designed as a free experience centre for kids and adults alike, including various kinds of art, a museum, a food forest, a farm to table restaurant, etc.

Space rentals - We have flexible spaces available on daily rentals, for varied public and private events, meetings, markets, photo/video shoots, curated meals, etc.

Events - We host flea and farmers markets, a variety of workshops and classes, cultural performances, etc. See our Events page for listings

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We have multiple spaces conducive for classes, workshops, performances, etc. Write to us if you would like to use our space to host such events.

Yoga Class

Artists - Whether it's art, movement, or music, we aim to support emerging artists. Write to us if you are looking to collaborate, or showcase your work.

Artist Residency - We offer a 3 month residency program at our space, with a preference given to artists working on subjects connected to our work. Write to us for more information.

Community Arts Hub - We offer memberships to use our makerspace, studio / gallery, and sound room. Write to us for more information


Write to us if you need assistance with any of the subjects mentioned above.

Sign up - Send us your email and/or phone number to receive our newsletter, event updates, volunteering opportunities, etc.


Businesses - If you have a sustainable product, solution, or idea that you would like to develop or showcase, write to us with details.

Start-up Studio - We are building a start-up studio to support both for-profit and not-profit entities working in the sustainability space, in their journey from idea to execution with lots of support along the way from mentors, funders, lawyers, designers, artists and networks.


Intern with us, volunteer with us, tell us how you'd like to associate with us. Write to us with your profile and intent.

All Hands In

"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible" - St. Francis Of Assisi

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