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At the heart of our vision for a regenerative culture is a food system that prioritises nature, nutrition, and livelihoods. Here are some of the ways that we address this -


- A farm to table experience with fresh ingredients, either grown in our gardens, or sourced from local farmers


- Healthy food consisting of nutrient richness and diversity


- Chemical free ingredients grown with respect for the soil and biodiversity


- A menu that changes with the seasons and comprises only of fresh seasonal produce, and ingredients preserved using natural and traditional techniques


- A focus on plant based and ethically sourced ingredients


- The kitchen produces zero waste. All the wet waste is used on site to make compost, bio-pesticides, and bio enzyme natural cleaners.


- Inclusivity, kindness, and compassion are the foundational ethics of the kitchen and restaurant experience.


Interior Design

The interiors were designed and executed by Multitude of Sins, a creative studio that specialises in bespoke design. Inspired by an eclectic mix of styles, every feature in the space has been conceptualised as a unique experience. Every element of the interiors and decor was created using repurposed waste materials.

Crowd sourced via a collection drive, and salvaged from various other sources, the available materials determined the design. Each object came with its own unique history, and has now been given a new life in The Circus Canteen. This project brings together layers upon layers of stories, and you are now welcome to create your own!

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